Lanai & Pool Deck Cleaning in Cape Coral for a Stunning Space

Efficient Pool Deck Cleaning in Cape Coral - Get Out & Enjoy!

Pool deck cleaning in Cape Coral is the difference between enjoying your pool area and absolutely loving it! ProClean Pressure Washing Cape Coral has safe cleaning agents and methods that are guaranteed to remove even the toughest stains, spots, and contaminates. We've been in this industry a long time, and we know what it takes to get to the bottom of all of it.

First, we will come and do an evaluation of the space, checking for things like moss, algae, dirt, salt residue, and anything else that may be taking away from the appeal of your pool area. Then, we will outline our plan for breathing life back into the outdoor space. Finally, you choose what works for you and your budget.

After we've clarified our intentions for your exterior cleaning service, we wait for your final approval. Then, you schedule a time to have them carried out that works for your busy lifestyle. Call today for a FREE estimate!

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Cleaning Pool Pavers Protects Your Property & More

Why do you want to get regular pool deck cleaning in Cape Coral? Plenty of reasons! There's a cost associated with cleaning pool pavers that scares many homeowners away from reaching out to us. However, you need to consider the benefits before writing off this pressure washing job as too expensive or not worth it.

  • A cleaner look and feel to the pool area
  • Saves the pool filters from early and frequent replacement
  • Creates a safe surface
  • Better for the environment
  • Boost the curb appeal and value of the property

Please take a look at our blog and learn more about lanai and pool deck cleaning and our pressure washing options. Then, give us a call to order yours!

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Pool Deck Cleaning in Cape Coral: Is it Time for You To Call?

How can you tell if you need to power wash a concrete pool deck in Cape Coral? Well, for starters, if you look at it and it appears as though it hasn't been done professionally in a while, or at all, it's time!

However, if you can't tell just by looking, keep these ideas in mind when trying to decide if you need pool deck cleaning:

  • Algae in the pool - it can be challenging to remove if it reaches the pool deck.
  • If it's been a year or longer - regular cleaning should be done once a year at 60 to 70 degrees. The application of our pool deck cleaners and protectants extends long your surfaces stay clear.
  • Your entertaining - a quick pool deck cleaning before a party will impress your guests and keep your surfaces safe and stunning.

Our qualified power washing team has the best pool deck cleaner in Cape Coral, and we're ready to service you. So contact us today to get your project in motion.

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ProClean Pressure Washing Cape Coral - The Best Pool Deck Cleaner

Under no circumstances is cleaning pool pavers a DIY job. How can we say that? Because we're the industry-leading experts in all power washing services, and we've seen what can happen when homeowners try to do their own pool deck cleaning in Cape Coral.

  • It can be dangerous
  • You need specific equipment
  • It's time-consuming
  • Certain methods have to be followed
  • Quality protectants should be applied

Expert pressure washing companies know precisely what it takes to get your pool deck cleaned exactly how it should be and at the proper intervals. When you partner with our locally owned and operated team, you will get personal attention from a dedicated crew passionate about cleaning. Then, you can get on our routine maintenance schedule and never have to worry about it again!



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"The pressure washing crew did a wonderful job on my home's exterior. Made it look brand-new. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for reliability and affordable pressure washing services. I will continue to use them next year!"
-Fred A.

Let Our Expert Pressure Washers in Cape Coral Scrub Your Exterior Surfaces Until They Look Completely New Again!

ProClean Pressure Washing Cape Coral is the leading power washing company in the region. With over 25 years of experience in pressure washing, we have the methods, cleaning agents, and power washers on staff that are guaranteed to get the job done right. We will start your first service with a friendly consultation at your property. That's when we will review everything you want power washed and everything we think you need cleaned. Then, you can have time to decide which power washing services you want now and what you may wish to schedule for later.

Our initial assessments are always free, and there's no obligation. We offer the lowest rates in town, and you can rest assured that we always show up on time. So are you ready to see what's underneath all those years of dirt, grime, and filth? We're ready to show you. Reach out by phone, email, or fill out the online quote form on this page.

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Relax with the understanding your residential or commercial power washing needs are met following the industry's strictest standards. In-home or virtual estimates are available. Call us at (239) 356-1888
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